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The original Rosabrook property was one of the Group Settlement farms, established between the wars, as inner city dwellers from the major UK cities were offered a chance of a new life in the Australian “Bush”.   The scheme involved assisted immigration to areas such as the Margaret River, which was identified as a potential farming region. In general, the new immigrants were settled in virgin bush country, and provided with basic supplies and implements to clear the land and commence farming. The groups of new settlers lived a harsh, communal existence as they banded together and cleared the land to prepare it for new pastures. As each farm was completed, the families drew lots to be allocated the new site. This was an extremely difficult time for many families from the poor inner city housing areas of the UK, some of whom had never been in the open county-side before.
The Rosabrook property was developed initially as a Dairy farm, supplying the local market. Due to its close proximity to the local community settlement, Margaret River, the local butcher developed the property as a slaughtering facility. The current Cellar Door Facility was designated as the local Abattoir, and the original ‘cattle-press’ was in situ until removed during the renovation of the building to serve its current purpose.

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Open Daily from 10am - 5pm

We pride ourselves on having the friendliest & most enthusiastic cellar door team in Margaret River. Our staff are approachable, knowledgeable and passionate about both wine and food. They love sharing our wines with visitors and can speak authoritatively about how they compare with others.
We are only too happy to guide you through a tasting and answer any questions you may have regarding both our vineyards, wines, local restaurants and attractions.

We are situated at 205 Rosa Brook Road Margaret River a mere 5 minutes’ drive south of the Margaret River town site.

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