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Learn more about Stella Bella's committment to sustainable farming and our support for the incredible team at South West NRM

Stella Bella & South West NRM: A Partnership for Preservation

At Stella Bella, we are thrilled to announce an important collaboration with South West NRM, a beacon of environmental stewardship in the South West region. This partnership is more than a meeting of minds; it's a fusion of passion and purpose, aimed at safeguarding the unique biodiversity of the Margaret River area, a recognized biodiversity hotspot.

Why Margaret River?

Margaret River is not just a premier wine-producing region; it's a natural wonder. It is located within the Southwest Region of WA, one of only 36 internationally recognised Global Biodiversity Hotspots, this area boasts an exceptional variety of endemic species and ecosystems. However, this unique biodiversity is under threat, making conservation efforts more crucial than ever.

The Role of South West NRM

South West NRM is at the forefront of these efforts, implementing a range of projects designed to protect our natural heritage. From restoring natural habitats to promoting sustainable land management practices, their work is vital in maintaining the ecological balance and ensuring the longevity of this pristine environment.

Stella Bella's Commitment

In line with our dedication to sustainability and regenerative farming practices, Stella Bella is proud to support South West NRM's mission. Our Otro Vino range, known for its minimal intervention and non-traditional approach, reflects our shared ethos of innovation and respect for nature.

Join Us in Making a Difference

For every bottle of Otro Vino sold through our Cellar Door, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to South West NRM. This contribution will directly support their invaluable projects, from habitat restoration to biodiversity conservation.

Together, we can make a significant impact. Enjoy a bottle of Otro Vino today and be part of our journey towards a sustainable future. Your choice not only delights the palate but also contributes to the preservation of one of the world's most precious natural treasures.

Sustainable Farming

At Stella Bella of our vineyard team is focused on sustainability and regenerative farming practices. A few of the recent measures that we have implemented include:

Microbial Tea
Made from grape marc (the left over skins, seeds and stems from pressing) with the addition of water, fish hydrolysate, and a little kelp. We place this in a warm environment to get some great furry fungal growth. From this compost we create a beautiful microbial tea, rich in organic matter, nutrients and beneficial microbes, which helps to improve the soil structure, water retention, drainage, aeration and microbial activity of the vineyard soil. This helps to enrich and sustain the soil health.

Mid Row Cropping
Seeding of mid-row crops to naturally combat weeds and encourage beneficial bio-diversity into the vineyard. These mid row crops also trap carbon beneath the soil as they grow and naturally break up soil compaction with the growth of their roots. When mown this provides natural mulch to our vineyards, provides vital nutrients such as nitrogen back into the soil and provides natural moisture conservation

Organic Ties
We have replaced the use of plastic cable ties in the vineyard to tie up vines post pruning with biodegradable vine ties for a greener future.

After we prune our vines the discarded vines are mulched back into the mid rows to enrich the soils naturally. Nothing wasted.

We utilise sheep through our vineyard to naturally control weeds, they also provide manure in the vineyards to add vital nutrients back into the soil

Winery Waste
We compost the grape marc left over from vintage. Grape marc is the left over grape skins, stems, seeds and pulp after processing. By turning this into compost we reduce the environmental impact of grape marc disposal while also improving the soil quality and fertility of the vineyard.

Water Conservation
Utilising wood chip mulch throughout select vineyards vastly improves water efficiency within these vineyards.

Native Plantings
Planting of native Hardenbergia around the fence line of our Rosa Brook property to encourage beneficial biodiversity in the vineyard.