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Stella Bella
4 April 2018 | Stella Bella

Vintage 2018 Update

Luke, Steve and the crew are still manic making amazing wines, but here is a quick update on how things are looking... 

The weather conditions leading into vintage 2018 were quite unusual. A warmer than average December followed by a cooler than average January, February and March.

Vintage commenced on the 16th of February, where the team were put to work with a Chardonnay hand-pick at the Suckfizzle and Isca vineyards. Natural acidity was again through the roof this year with the cooler weather conditions during the ripening period. Especially in Sauvignon Blanc, where we needed to wait for acids to decrease significantly before picking. As a result of the ‘hang time’ some botrytis was an issue and needed to be removed prior to harvest which in turn reduced yield. We are 16% down on estimate for Sauvignon Blanc, however, our vineyards averaged 8t/Ha for this variety which is a good result.

Chardonnay, came off in beautiful condition without any significant disease. 2% down on estimate for Chardonnay. Flavours are on point. 5.1t/Ha average. A little lower crops in vineyards that are not cane pruned.

Semillon, took a while to ripen with some higher crop loads. Some good flavour and lower acidity which was welcomed. Our vineyards averaged 9t/ha which is an excellent result.

Shiraz is still to be finished and we are beginning to take in Cabernet. The weather gods have been kind, let’s hope it continues.


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